Pimento Cheese Stuffed Sweet Meatballs

These Pimento Cheese stuffed meatballs are so yummy you'll want to put them on the weeknight menu. Your kids will thank you later! If you get really enthusiastic you can go ahead and make cheeseburgers out of them. Instant sliders! All you need are some chips and a cold beverage. 

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Cubano Chicken Salad Sliders
As a business, we are always looking for ways to promote our products. Want to the secret or what works for us? We provide first-class recipes and we know once you try it, you will tell all of your friends. It is an organic process, but it works! Nothing different here with this chicken salad recipe. It's easy to make and you will love the taste.
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Lane's Corn Fritters
This Corn Fritter recipe is one that you won't want to miss. It's simple, easy, and fast. These little treats are great any season of the year. These are a great place to experiment with flavor combinations.
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