Bacon Wrapped Strawlapeno BBQ Smoked Meatballs

Bacon Wrapped Strawlapeno BBQ Smoked Meatballs


Set up grill/smoker - on grill place chunks/coals on one side - heat to around 275-300


In a bowl add ground beef, diced onions, egg, panko breadcrumbs, and 2 tbsp Lane’s Spellbound Rub


Make meatballs about 2 inches in diameter or to the size you like and wrap them with a piece of bacon. Season with Spellbound. 


Place meatballs on indirect heat. Cook for about 30-45 minutes or until internal temp reaches 150 degrees. 

Pull meatballs and place in a foil pan. glaze(see below) and place back on indirect heat for 10 to 15 minutes. Ending internal temperature should be 155


In a small pot heat 4.5 oz Wishams Strawlapeno jelly and 8 oz Lane’s Lil Spicy until all one consistency. 



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Neil Holmes

Neil Holmes

removing the bacon kinda misses the point, don’t ya think? and bacon on the outside gets cooked just right.

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