The Lane's BBQ Story

Welcome to the table

Since 2013 we have had only one mission - To inspire others to gather around the dinner table and enjoy time with others. Whether your dinner table is in your home, outside by the grill, or standing with a plate at a BBQ competition we want you to love your food and the time you spend with friends and family. You may have heard people say "relationships are made one meal at a time," well we couldn’t agree more. So grab a plate, sit down, and pass brisket it’s time to eat.

Our Story

We got our start back in 2013 selling bbq straight off our pit at a roadside produce stand.  Still in awe at all the support we have received since day 1.  After a couple years of catering, we launched our own line of seasonings and sauces.  Fast forward to today and we now have our products all over the US, Australia, Canada & the UK.

What we do

Our products - We create killer rubs, brines, and sauces using only clean ingredients. That means No preservatives, No msg, No gluten just goodness in a bottle.

Our catering - It all started with catering, it’s in our blood! From staples like chicken and brisket plates to unique offering such as BBQ pork tacos and guacamole. We are able to feed the the largest and hungriest parties from Atlanta to Athens GA area.

For the locals - Regularly we offer drop in lunch and breakfast options to the locals of Barrow and Walton county. We love to host a few block parties a year to give back to the community and show off our new rubs and sauces. Grilling and cooking classes are available throughout the year, be sure to checkout our social pages for times. 

Meet the Family

Ryan Lane

Ryan Lane - Brisket n Chief

  • Favorite Rub: Q-Nami
  • Favorite Sauce: Sorta White
  • Favorite Lane's Meal: ALL

Brian - Mix Master

  • Favorite Rub: Cubano Rub
  • Favorite Sauce: Southbound 
  • Favorite Lane's Meal: Biscuits


  • Favorite Rub: Brisket + Ancho
  • Favorite Sauce: Kinda Sweet
  • Favorite Lane's Meal: Chicken

Jeremy - Coffee Drinker

  • Favorite Rub: Cubano
  • Favorite Sauce: Pineapple Chipotle
  • Favorite Lane's Meal: Jalapeno anything

Aaron - Rub Runner

  • Favorite Rub: Chili Lime
  • Favorite Sauce: Sorta White
  • Favorite Lane's Meal: Wings

Cole - Rub Runner

  • Favorite Rub: Chili Lime
  • Favorite Sauce: Kinda Sweet
  • Favorite Lane's Meal: Brisket Nachos

Caleb - Grill Connoisseur 

  • Favorite Rub: Q-Nami 
  • Favorite Sauce: One Legged Chicken
  • Favorite Lane's Meal: Steak

Ethan - Rub Runner

  • Favorite Rub: Honey Sriracha
  • Favorite Sauce: Kinda Sweet
  • Favorite Lane's Meal: Steak Biscuit