Cooking with Riley Series - Parts 1 & 2

Cooking with Riley Series - Parts 1 & 2

Been working on a new video series called “Cooking with Riley” that we are very excited to share with y’all. To be honest, I have felt a bit convicted lately as Riley is about to head off to college and he mentioned that he didn’t really know how to cook anything. I think my love and passion for cooking and serving has at times been so strong that I failed to teach. However, I’m counting my blessings and thankful for this time together to be able to pass along some of what I’ve learned along the way.

The goal was to show him start to finish. From how to pick out and purchase the meat, get it prepped, seasoned and cooked to “perfection”. We started with a visit to the grocery store (which ended in a delicious but sugary coma) and then proceeded to knock out several videos that covered cooking on a flat top griddle, reverse searing steaks/chops and even how to use an air fryer. We’ve also got a couple more videos that we are planning out that I think you will really enjoy. Please make sure to check these out and we would love to hear any feedback or suggestions that you have.

Click below to enjoy the first two videos from this series:

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