Plate of Chocolate Sea-salt peanut butter thumbprint cookies
These cookies are Ah-Mazing! If you have ever had cookies from a bakery or a gourmet cookie, then these will give those a run for their money! Plus, you made them right in your very own kitchen. The apple jelly is a pleasant surprise and the icing is a great complement. These flavors are wonderful together!
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Apple Pie Snickerdoodles
We don't pretend to be bakers. We are really proficient in smoking and grilling meat. We do a decent job with sides that complement our main dishes. We love appetizers and knock them out of the park. We even have a few desserts that people really love. Well, there is always a time to branch out and try baking. Talk about taking your own advice, #keepexperimenting. These turned out awesome! They didn't even make it into the cookie jar.
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