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Brining is one of the best ways to infuse flavor and moisture completely into meats and proteins. We make it easy with our brining kits and products.

Ultimate Turkey Brine Kit with Bag

This Ultimate Turkey Brine Kit contains all the essentials for brining your turkey to perfection. The turkey brining kit includes a brine mix, two rubs, and a 2-gallon brine bag - everything you need to infuse flavor into your turkey and keep it juicy.

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Ultimate Turkey Brine Kit with Bag (Brine + Rubs + Brine Bag)Ultimate Turkey Brine Kit with Bag (Brine + Rubs + Brine Bag)
Best Seller
Lane's Signature Brine BagSignature Brine
Signature Brine
Sale price$14.00
Sweet tea brine for poultry, pork, and seafoodSweet Tea Brine
Sweet Tea Brine
Sale price$14.00
Lane's Brining BagLane's Brining Bag
Lane's Brining Bag
Sale price$4.99
Signature Brine + Spellbound Turkey SetSignature Brine + Spellbound Turkey Set
Brined Apple Pie Pork Chop KitBrined Apple Pie Pork Chop Kit
Save $6.01
Lane's BBQ Brine 2-Pack
Lane's BBQ Brine 2-Pack
Sale price$19.99 Regular price$26.00

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