Fiesta Smoked Queso

Fiesta Smoked Queso on Smoker

This smoked queso recipe is one of our favorites and our Fiesta seasoning/rub takes it to the next level. Say adios to the normal queso dip and say, ay Dios mío! to this incredible dish. espero que disfrutes! 


Set your smoker to 225 and preheat your cast iron dutch oven. Brown your 1lb of ground beef seasoned with our fiesta seasoning. Add your cheeses and veggies (onion, pepper, tomato, cilantro). Smoke for 30min with no lid stirring occasionally. Lid and cook at 350 for 60min stirring occasionally. Pull and enjoy!’s gonna be hot, don't melt your face! 


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  • Paul Wimberly

    Great recipe, might suggest lining the Dutch oven with foil. Make clean up easy.

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