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How to Use Grilling Planks
In the culinary world, there are a few tried and true methods to preparing food. Maybe one of the lesser-known methods is wood planking a protein. Maybe because of the worldwide web, social media, or the spike of cooking at...
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Smoking woods on ceramic smoker
In a world filled with so many choices from which brand of smoker, what type of smoker, live fire or pellet, chunks or chips, it can be overwhelming to even the most experienced. And God Bless the noobie trying their...
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Spatchcock Chicken on the grill
What is Spatchcock Chicken? Try it, don’t be spineless. In the culinary world, there is a plethora of methodologies to prepare and cook any meal. Baking, roasting, boiling, smoking, and plenty more. Some methods are more popular than others for...
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