When it comes to gameday, everyone knows that the food has to be top-notch! To help ensure that your guests are more than satisfied on game day, nothing quite says victory like a good cigar. All your favorite Cuban sandwich...
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Pow Pow Pork Meatballs
These Pow Pow meatballs are ideal for any casual gathering. With a flavorful blend of pork, Lane's Pow Pow marinade, hoisin sauce, Honey Sriracha rub, garlic, and ginger, these small yet satisfying bites will be sure to liven up the...
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Pow Pow Shrimp Fried Rice
Shrimp fried rice is an incredibly popular dish, beloved by many for its blend of great textures and flavors. This classic Chinese dish combines perfectly cooked shrimp with fragrant jasmine rice and vegetables, all stir-fried in Lane’s Pow Pow Marinade...
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