Buffalo Chicken Loaded Tater Tots
One of the benefits of cooking at home is having leftovers. Now, we know some folks aren't in favor of repeats or leftovers and that is ok. But you might be able to change their mind with this recipe. Take your leftover protein and add it to your favorite bag of tater tots. Cook and drizzle with some sauce, instant classic.
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Easy Chimichurri Sauce
This chimichurri sauce will change the way you eat steak. It brings a freshness and an herbal taste that makes your steak pop. Break out of the same old habits of drowning your steak with a heavy sauce that covers up the taste of your steak. 
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Lane's Brunswick Stew
Brunswick Stew has always been a classic side in the BBQ world, but sometimes it can be really bad if not prepared correctly. This recipe is super simple and we're pretty sure you will get the best results that will make you a culinary star among your friends and family.
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