Low Country Boil
One of our favorite ways to enjoy time with others is a huge low country boil. Everyone can just pick a spot at the table and eat (no plates necessary) just be sure to have plenty of paper towels. This easy recipe is great for big and small gatherings. We boiled ours in a large Masterbuild Fryer/boil, but can easily be done in a large pot in the kitchen. The best part about this recipe is that you can add or remove whatever ingredients you like or dislike.
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Sweet Lemon Butter Pasta with Scallops and French toast
These scallops have a zesty lemon flavor that is so delicious. Seafood and pasta, does it get any better? There is a creamy richness that is topped with the zesty flavor from the lemon. It is a flavor combo that will leave you wanting more.
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Seared Ahi Tuna Steak
Most people might think tuna comes in a can or on shushi.  But, if you have never had a tuna steak, we would highly suggest giving it a try. It is a simple and fast cook. Honestly it tastes just like steak. Plus, you can make your regular sides that you naromaly cook to accompany your steak dinner. #sogood
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