KILLER Steak + Lobster + Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus

KILLER Steak + Lobster + Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus



  • Rub steak down with olive oil and Brisket + Ancho
  • Cook on indirect at 250°
  • For medium rare, cook until internal temperature reaches 110°–120°
  • Increase grill temp to 500°–600° and sear steak for a few seconds on each side 

Lobster Tail:

  • Prep by cutting top outer shell down to the tip of the tail (use kitchen scissors)
  • Pull lobster meat out and rest on top of the shell
  • Dust with Sweet Heat
  • Add some butter
  • Place on grill with steak, pull off once internal temperature reaches 140°–150°

Bacon Wrapped Asparagus:

  • Sprinkle Bacon with Sweet Heat
  • Place asparagus on top of bacon and wrap the bacon around the bundle about 4–5 times
  • Tie bacon around with cooking twine
  • Roll bundle in Sweet Heat
  • Grill until bacon is fully cooked


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