Garlic² Rub

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Size: Pitmaster
Gluten Free
Sugar Free

Garlic Powder Seasoning | All Natural | Gluten-Free | No Preservatives

Elevate the flavor of your grilled or smoked meats with Lane's BBQ Garlic² Rub, a premium quality blend of spices that will add depth and complexity to your dishes. This rub features a delicious combination of garlic, onion, and other premium-quality ingredients, creating a savory seasoning that will tantalize your taste buds. Ideal for beef, pork, chicken, and vegetables, this versatile rub can be used as a dry rub or as a marinade to infuse your dishes with the irresistible aroma and taste of garlic. Whether you're a BBQ aficionado or just starting out, Lane's BBQ Garlic Rub is an essential ingredient in your kitchen. Try it today and savor the robust and delicious flavors it brings to your dishes.