Over The Top Chili
We're taking the meat out of your regular chili and smoking it "over the top". Spicy, smokey, beefy, and incredible! Give this method a shot for your next gameday get together or on a cold winter's night and warm things up!
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Short Rib and Chorizo Chili
Chili is a great fall classic recipe that warms up the bones on a crisp cool day. This chili recipe is a great reminder of our #keepexperimenting motto. Corey, one of our employees, took his normal chili recipe and "kicked it up" by adding short ribs. It is delicious and worth a try!
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Top view of chopped brisket nachos with guacamole
Nachos have been a staple in our house for a long time. When you get in the rut of weekly recipes sometimes you need a change or a spin on a favorite to make it feel not the same. Using leftover brisket definitely takes these nachos to a whole other level. They are fast, easy, delicious and everybody loves them!
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