How to Grill Vegetables?

How to Grill Vegetables?

So, let’s talk Veggies…

Every meal needs a good side or two. Trust us, there is nothing like smooth creamy mashed potatoes to accompany your perfectly cooked steak or a loaded baked potato with butter, cheese, sour cream, and chives. Topped off with a drizzle of steak sauce. (Is your mouth watering yet?)  But let’s be honest, we can’t eat like that every meal. Well, I guess you could if you are doing the Adkins diet or trying the Liver King diet? If you have to eat out and get steak maybe next time you get broccoli or asparagus as your side. Here at Lane’s, we believe that you can cook a quality steak at home so why shouldn’t you be able to cook quality vegetables at home too. We are going to talk grills, veggies, times, and temps to help you create some incredible vegetables that your entire family will love. Vegetables are packed full of nutrients, give great natural energy and help fight off diseases. Not to mention, you can eat a ton of them for low calories! 

Fresh vs. Frozen!

Our suggestion is always going to be heading to the produce aisle and picking up fresh produce of your choice. Yellow squash, zucchini, eggplant, bell peppers, and some type of onion. (red, yellow, or white) These are part of the collection we get most when we are preparing vegetables. Obviously, if it makes sense for you to buy frozen and have them at the ready, that is totally understandable. You can even get them in steamable bags that are quick and easy to prepare. Are they the best? No, they need some TLC to make them taste good. Fortunately, we can help with that too. However, if you want the most nutrients and flavor, fresh vegetables are always the best option. 

fresh veggies

Cooking Method and Preparation…

There are a few ways you can cook these vegetables. These are just a few of the ways that work for us here at Lane’s. Some of our crew pitched in their methods of how they get vegetables that taste great and the entire family loves. 

Most of us probably remember our dads taking this foil pouch out to the grill full of vegetables that had been drenched in Italian dressing. While good, that is more of the steaming method. Grilling is where the vegetables are going to get a nice char and still be crunchy! If you are using fresh vegetables we would suggest cutting them into spears instead of medallions. (A little tip from chef Eric) When using spears you can put them directly on the grill grate. We have been testing some new products and have been please with our new SPG blend for seasoning. Some of our other favorites are Signature, Scorpion, Galric2, Cubano, SPF 53. Just a quick spray with olive oil and season to taste. You want a nice char, but you don’t want the vegetables to get mushy. Once they are done remove them from the heat and allow them to cool enough to handle. Now, you can take your spears and cut them into sections. We really like the bigger chunks around 1-2” pieces, quarter your onions and toss them all together. Remember they are already seasoned, but a lite vinaigrette finishing compliments them well. 

cutting spears of veggies into chucnks

Now, if you are using frozen vegetables or if you cut your fresh veggies into medallions you probably don’t want to chase those half-dollar pieces around the grill. Using a vegetable grilling basket might help you not be so frustrated. Grillaholics makes a great basket that is of ample size and super easy to use. Not to mention, there is nothing worse than losing things between the grill grate. We would suggest when you pre-heat your grill go ahead and put the basket on the grill. Now, if you have a cast iron insert you can use, those work wonderfully. 

Kamado Grill 

Start with a nice bed of lump charcoal. We really like Jealous Devil. It is a quality product that produces a consistent fire that holds temperatures great. Open both your top and bottom vents to allow as much airflow as possible to get those coals nice and hot!! We are looking for 500-600 degrees on your KJ. (Kamado Joe) Once you have reached your temp open your Joe and place your vegetables on the grill grates. (you could also use the cast-iron insert.) You can leave the lid open during your cook. Turn your vegetables so that each side has those desirable grill marks. Cook 2-4mins on each side. Pull so that your veggies still have some bite/crunch. 

Gas Grill

When you lite your gas grill leave the temperature/dials on high. We are looking for that high heat to get a nice char. 450-500 degrees, if possible? When you have reached your temp open your lid and place your vegetables on the grill. Cook 2-4mins on each side. Be sure to turn your vegetables so that each side has those desirable grill marks. Cook 2-4mins on each side. Pull so that your veggies still have some bite/crunch.

Blackstone Griddle

Pre-Heat your Blackstone to 450-500 degrees. Leave the temperature/dials on high. Cast iron griddles work great! We recommend you cook your vegetables hot and fast to get that char and keep the bite/crunch. It is also a fun time to practice your hibachi routine! Remember, you have already sprayed/oiled your vegetables so no need to oil the griddle. Dump your veggies onto the griddle and listen to them sizzle. Try to spread out your veggies so they are in a single layer. Slap the grill a couple of times with your spatula and maybe a couple of gunslinger twirls! That is usually enough time to get a nice char, then get to flippin’!  Once the vegetables are to your desired liking take them off the grill. If you left them in spears let them cool, slice and serve. If they were the medallions, let them cool, plate, and serve. 

grilled veggies in an aluminum pan

Healthy Veggie Consumption…

Vegetables are a great side dish! They don’t always have to be boring. Have some fun and cook something that the whole family will enjoy. Maybe it is partly the grill marks, the spatula twirls, but kids are more intrigued to eat their veggies when they are not steamed in a pot on the stove. Heck, that goes for adults too! 

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