Brancho - Combo Rub

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Size: Small
Gluten Free

Introducing the Brancho Combo Rub from Lane's BBQ, a winning combination of flavors that will enhance the taste of your beef to mouthwatering levels. This unique rub combines the robust richness of our Brisket seasoning with the smoky and earthy notes of our Ancho Expresso rub. Crafted with premium quality spices, this blend delivers a harmonious fusion of flavors that perfectly complement the natural flavors of your meat. Whether you're smoking, grilling, or slow-cooking a brisket or really any type of meat, this versatile rub is designed to bring out the best in every bite. With its fine texture, it adheres beautifully to the meat, forming a flavorful crust that locks in juices and adds depth to each slice. Experience the unbeatable flavor combination of the Combo Brisketancho Rub from Lane's BBQ and elevate your brisket to new heights of deliciousness.