Bama's Smokey Sweet Rub

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Gluten Free

Smokey Sweet BBQ Rub | Rich & Smokey Grilling Flavor

Aight Guys! Introducing Bama's Smokey Sweet Rub, the ultimate seasoning for BBQ enthusiasts seeking that sweet flavor BITE! Prepare for a lip-smacking, smoky-sweet experience that will leave you wanting more. This delicious rub is a perfect match for pork, chicken, seafood, and beef, elevating your grilled meats and vegetables to unprecedented heights. Just a little shake on your favorite protein and "Ya'll know what time it is!"

Crafted through an exciting collaboration between Bama Grill Master and Lane's Rubs & Sauces, this remarkable fusion of flavors promises to satisfy your cravings for sensational BBQ creations and everyday dishes. Embrace the richness and sweetness of this rub as it transforms pork chops, chicken, and a myriad of meats and vegetables into culinary masterpieces. Get ready to embark on a journey of unparalleled taste.

***Contains MSG.