Smoked Pulled BBQ Chicken

Smoked pulled bbq chicken sandwich

Experience BBQ bliss with our Smoked Pulled BBQ Chicken recipe. The chicken is then shredded into tender, smoky goodness. Coated in our signature Spellbound Hot rub and Lil' Spicy BBQ sauce, each bite is a delightful combination of smokiness and tangy flavor. Whether you pile it high on a bun or serve it alongside your favorite sides, this classic BBQ dish is perfect for gatherings or a delicious weeknight dinner.


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John Bucher

John Bucher

Did something like that last month but I used a skewer hanger like a rotisserie n hung chicken over my beans for seasoning. When bird was 20 min from finished I brushed w a jalapeño apple sauce then shredded n added bbq sauce…bad part dam beans was talk of bbq…

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