Sweet Heat Pork Loin with Pineapple Chipotle Sauce

Pork Loin on Cutting Board


  • Scott

    Just made this tonight and it was incredible!! Loved the Pineapple Chipotle sauce, even if I used it sparingly cause the loin itself was so good. That Sweet Heat rub is one of my favorites.

  • Susan

    What is sweet tea brine?

  • Matthew Radtke

    I can confirm, this recipe will make you look like a pro on pork loins. Mouth Watering good eats, right there. I’m actually making another one this weekend. Wifey is excited. Enuff said. Thanks Lanes BBQ! Cheers’

  • Robert

    Just perfect

  • Rick Koller

    Looks good. Trying for Sunday Dinner!

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