Spellbound Magical Rib Recipe - Sweet, Smoky, Delicious

Sweet baby back ribs on the grill


Set up the grill for indirect cooking. Get smoker temperature to 275 degrees. Remove baby back ribs from the package and flip over. Remove membrane from the backside of the ribs. Lightly coat with olive oil. Season front and back of ribs liberally with Lane's Spellbound Rub. Let sit at room temperature for around 45 minutes.

Stir in wood chips, set down Plate setter, foil tray filled about halfway with water. Finally, put down the cooking grate then place ribs on top (meat side up). Or you can use a v-rack as well.


Cook ribs for about 2 hours at 275 degrees until the internal temp is around 165. Prepare foil boat, add butter, sauce, brown sugar, and more seasoning. Place ribs meat side down in the mixture. Wrap tight and place back on the smoker for 1 hour.

Remove from grill, take out of the foil, brush ribs with sauce, and put back on the grill for about 1 hour (meat side up). This will allow the sauce to set. If you pick them up with tongs on the end the rack should bend.


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Your “Sweet Heat” ribs has been my go to recipe for years.
I’ll have to give this Spellbound recipe a try and will see which one the family likes best.

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