Lane's Ribs Starter Kit

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Gluten Free

Our Ribs Starter Kit has everything you need to easily get started with smoking and grilling those tasty ribs. We make it simple whether it is your first time smoking ribs or you are an experienced backyard griller. Our kit includes our recommended and favorite rub and sauce combo to use when doing ribs.


  • Spellbound Rub (Pitmaster) - Our #1 selling BBQ rub and the best rub you will ever taste on ribs. It has a sweet and smokey flavor that will give your rib meat an amazing flavor and have your family and guests begging for me!
  • Brisket (Small) - The tried and true Salt, Pepper, Garlic combo with some of our other spices is perfectly mixed and balanced for your taste buds. This will give that extra flavor to ribs before seasoning with our Spellbound rub
  • Kinda Sweet Sauce - The perfect blend of sweet, smokey, and tangy flavors to take your ribs to the next level. It is our version of the classic Kansas City BBQ sauce. This sauce is made with premium quality ingredients like brown sugar, apple cider vinegar, and honey, along with ketchup and Worcestershire, creating a deliciously balanced flavor that is not too sweet and not too sour.
  • Lane's Meat Temp Guide Magnet - This handy magnet tool features a comprehensive list of internal temperatures for various cuts of beef, poultry, seafood, and pork, ensuring that your meats are cooked to perfection. Easily place it on your fridge, in your kitchen, on your grill, or grilling table, for quick reference.

Follow our Step-by-step How to Smoke RIbs Guide & Recipe to make it an easy and straightforward process.