Texas Pepper Jelly Peachy Peach Habanero Rib Candy

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Introducing Texas Pepper Jelly's Peachy Peach Habanero Rib Candy, a delightful fusion of sweet peachiness and fiery habanero heat to take your grilling to the next level. Expertly crafted, this rib glaze combines the succulent essence of ripe peaches with the bold kick of habanero peppers, creating a flavor symphony that's both sweet and spicy. Elevate your ribs to gourmet status with this mouthwatering Rib Candy, designed for those who appreciate the perfect balance of fruity sweetness and intense heat. Immerse your taste buds in the exquisite blend of peachy goodness and the fiery kick of habanero, making every bite a journey of flavor. Revolutionize your barbecue experience with Texas Pepper Jelly's Peachy Peach Habanero Rib Candy.

Simply drizzle or brush this rib glaze on top of your ribs, It doesn’t have to be any particular cut, baby back ribs work just as well as St. Louis-style ribs do. If you don’t wrap your ribs, just pour the glaze directly on your ribs about the last 10-15 minutes of the cooking process.