Doux South Pickles: Sweet Soulshine

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Experience the bread and butter pickle loved by all - Sweet Soulshine from Doux South! This Southern classic gets a flavor boost that makes it truly shine.

Crisp, thick-cut cucumber slices marry briny, crunchy goodness with a hint of sweetness. The mellow syrupiness you expect gives way to a perfect balance of flavors - never overpowering the fresh pickle tang.

Doux South's artful blend of celery seed and garlic amplifies the tastes that make this bread and butter pickle a standout. Subtle onion and mustard seed notes round out the medley for a pickle that's not too sweet yet oh so soulful. Whether you're a lifelong bread and butter pickle fan or a sweet pickle skeptic, Sweet Soulshine will make you a believer. The fresh cucumber crunch paired with just the right sweetness creates a pickle that's hard not to love. Bring out the best in sandwiches, burgers, snacks, and more with the bread and butter pickle everyone adores. Sweet Soulshine from Doux South hits the sweet spot with the perfect pickle blend of brine, spice, and soul.