Bama's BBQ Rubs Bundle

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Gluten Free

Aight Guys! Get both of Bama's new rubs in one bundle!

Bama's AbsolutelyFreakinKiller AP Rub, a game-changer for flavor enthusiasts! If your taste buds water for savory delights, this rub is destined to become one of your new go-to favorites.

Bama's Smokey Sweet Rub, the ultimate delight for BBQ enthusiasts seeking that irresistible sweet flavor! Prepare for a lip-smacking, smoky-sweet experience that will leave you yearning for more.

Crafted through an exciting collaboration between Bama Grill Master and Lane's Rubs & Sauces, this remarkable fusion of flavors promises to satisfy your cravings for sensational BBQ creations and everyday dishes.

***Contains MSG