Bama's AbsolutelyFreakinKiller AP BBQ Rub

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Gluten Free

Savory BBQ Rub | Versatile All-Purpose Seasoning

Aight Guys! This All-Purpose rub and seasoning is absolutelyfreakinkiller! Introducing Bama's AbsolutelyFreakinKiller AP Rub, a game-changer for flavor enthusiasts! If your taste buds water for savory delights, this rub is destined to become one of your new go-to favorites. Elevate the taste of your grilled meats and vegetables to new heights with this new tantalizing blend of savory herbs and spices.

Crafted through an exciting collaboration between Bama Grill Master and Lane's Rubs & Sauces, this brand new flavor combination will keep everyone craving more of your delectable BBQ creations and everyday dishes. The rich and savory profile of this rub works wonders on pork chops, chicken, and practically any meat or vegetable you can imagine.

***Contains MSG.