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Finishing Salts


    Lane's Smoked Finishing Salts

    Have you ever heard that adding salt to your meal is an insult to the cook? But let’s be honest sometimes you take a bite into your meal and it seems like it is missing something. It’s because salt brings out the natural flavors of the other ingredients. Here at Lane’s we took finishing salt, smoked it, and combined it with some bold flavors that we think will highlight any entree or side item. 

    How to use finishing salts?

    Finishing salts are super simple to use. Whatever flavors you use to season your meat you can continue as normal. Then when that cut of meat has finished cooking (we would suggest letting cuts of meat rest before you slice them) simply garnish to your liking then enjoy the party in your mouth.

    Try adding a finishing salt to your steak while it is resting or right before you dig in. Adding smoked salt to the top of your cookie right before you throw it in the oven is a great way to add a salty crunch to your sweet dessert. Our smoked finishing salts are a perfect addition to tortilla chips and veggies right before your meal. 

    What are Smoked Salts?

    We took Mediterranean Sea salt and smoked it with a combination of cherry, maple, and applewood to give it a deep rich flavor. The coarseness of the salt helps lock in the smoky goodness from the 24hr cold smoking process. These savory flavor profiles will highlight any cut of meat(beef, pork, chicken) or any side item that you might prepare. Then we added in a few popular spices that will take any entree or side item to the next level. It will definitely make any mouth salivate.  

    Great Recipes with Lane's Smoked Finishing Salt

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