Sweet BBQ Pizza

Sweet BBQ Pizza


Pre-heat your oven and prepare the dough. (Use your dough instructions) Lightly brush dough with cooking oil

Use Lane's Kinda Sweet as a base on the dough and spread evenly using a spoon. Add more or less to your preference. Evenly spread leftover brisket or pulled pork. Spread Mozzarella and Sharp Cheddar over the brisket evenly. Add any additional toppings. Then Season the top with Lane's Garlic2 Rub


Bake 18 - 22 minutes (follow the instructions of the pizza dough) Make sure the bottom of the pizza is starting to brown. (Optionally you can smoke the pizza on a smoker to add more bbq flavors. (highly suggest) Make sure indirect heat.)

Once ready to eat, drizzle Lane's Sorta White BBQ Sauce over the pizza.


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