Black and Blue Smash Burger Recipe

Black and Blue Smash Burger Recipe


Heat to 400-500 degrees


Cook Bacon (of your preference to the doneness of your preference) Slice and Sauté your onions. If you are having tomatoes and lettuce now would be the time to prep them as well. Make 8 4oz balls of ground beef (try not to overwork the meat, you won’t be happy with the end result) You can season them before or on the grill. (we like to do both!)  


With the griddle (Blackstone) smoking hot put on all 8 meatballs. Be sure to leave room for smashing purposes. By the time you get them on and seasoned, it is time to smash. Before we go all willy nilly, there is a technique to smashing! Try to only smash the meat one time as thin as you can. A good firm spatula will work. Once you have a patty season with Blackening rub and let it cook for 3 min then flip. Season again and let cook another 3 mins. Depending on how thin your smash was the burgers should be finished. Again, cook to your liking. 


Grab your toasted bun( if you like that sort of thing) and build your burger with 2 smash patties, sautéd onions, blue cheese sorta white mix, and whatever other items you like on your burger.


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Kenneth Koch

Kenneth Koch

looks yummy

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