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Thunderbird Chicken Scratch RubThunderbird Chicken Scratch Rub
Thunderbird Bravo RubThunderbird Bravo Rub
Thunderbird Bravo Rub
Sale price$9.99
Thunderbird Chicken Scratch Fiery Hot RubThunderbird Chicken Scratch Fiery Hot Rub
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Thunderbird Chicken Scratch Combo
Thunderbird Chicken Scratch Combo
Sale price$18.99 Regular price$19.98
Thunderbird Early Bird BrineThunderbird Early Bird Brine


We love promoting good products that we enjoy using ourselves. Thunderbird owned by good friend Trace Scarborough is full of fantastic flavors great for chicken and beef. If you like straight-up heat!!! Try out the fiery hot Chicken Scratch rub, it might just melt your face.