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Handcrafted rubs by Lane's BBQ

Lane's BBQ rubs and seasonings are handcrafted in Bethlehem, GA. Our Spicemasters spend days testing, tasting, mixing, and repeating to bring the absolute best flavors to any cut of meat. Our dry rubs are created specifically for ribs, steaks, and briskets to add flavor, crust, and enhance the goodness of the meat. Seasonings are perfect for chicken and pork to help make your dinners one of a kind. You can even dust your vegetables or, really, anything else you like to eat, as well.

How To Use Dry Rubs

First, you will want to pat dry the meat you are seasoning. Then you will want to generously season all sides of the meat. Use your hands to rub the seasoning into the meat so that it is not falling off.

What are the best/most popular seasonings for the different types of meat?

Best dry BBQ rub for ribs - Spellbound | Sweet Heat

Best chicken rub - Signature | Blackening

Best pork dry rub - Spellbound

Best beef/steak rub - Cubano | Brisket

Best seafood rub - Honey Sriracha | Q-Nami | Blackening

Best vegetable seasoning - Garlic2

Best taco seasonings - Fiesta | Chili Lime

Are Barbecue Rubs Keto Friendly?

The quick answer is yes and no. Typically bbq rubs do have some sugar in the ingredients, which doesn't necessarily mean you cannot have any seasoning on your meat. You will just have to measure out the correct amount of rub or seasoning to use to keep you within your keto numbers. We do have multiple seasonings that are keto-friendly with zero sugars. Blackening | Signature | Garlic2 | Brisket Rub | Fiesta