Part 1: How It All Began

Part 1: How It All Began

My name is Ryan Lane, and I am the owner/founder of Lane’s BBQ based out of Bethlehem, Georgia. I have been married to Stacey for over 20 years and we have 2 incredible teenagers. Our son Riley is 16 and a junior in high school and our daughter Ansley is 14.  

Ryan Lane's Family | The Fast Lane Blog

This is a story I’ve been wanting to tell for years! I have always had a love and passion for cooking and sharing a meal with friends and family. For me there is nothing like spending hours grilling/smoking over a fire to creating something special to share with those you love. For years prior to starting the business, I loved being able to provide meals to families or even cater a few special events like rehearsal dinners and men’s group retreats. Our community is so incredible and supportive, and I wanted to share my passion with them- and their bellies.  It was all for fun and didn’t even occur to me to make a business out of it. I simply got paid in smiles…and loved seeing every single one of them.  

Before I got into the crazy BBQ world, I had the pleasure to work with my brother in his business. We focused on small to mid-size group health insurance and employee benefits. I learned so much from Brett (my younger and much smarter brother) about building meaningful relationships and how to operate a business during the 5 years I spent at Encore Advisors.

Ryan & Brett

I would have never imagined how much carryover there would be even, even though the types of business were so different. Insurance and BBQ are both heavily reliant on service and relationships. To this day, we still spend a good bit of time catering meals for some of those clients. Ultimately, I just never quite fell in love with insurance, and soon realized that I needed something that allowed me to serve others in a different way. Plus…I never felt comfortable in a shirt and tie. I feel much more myself in a hat, t-shirt, and shorts. 

Brett and I closed our first 401K account and decided it would be super cool to buy a pull-behind smoker. You know…for the “business”. This was one of those smokers that you needed to tend to every couple of hours by adding a few pieces of wood. (Side note: This is where my addiction to cherry wood first began. I absolutely love the color and mild smoke flavor that it gives meat). 

Original Lane's BBQ Smoker

Our first event we used it for was a 25-year anniversary party at my mom’s work.  We decided what better way to break in the pit, than to smoke a whole hog, plus briskets, pork butts, and some killer sides. Nothing like breaking in the smoker with a 150-plus-person event. Some things never change as we always seemed to swing for the fences. I can still remember staying up all night, tending the fire, being exhausted the next day, and loving every single minute of it. Seeing the lines of people come through the buffet and then the smiles…I can still see every smile.  

BBQ Smoker at Event

Smoked pig at first event

The smoker served several purposes, as we even tried our hands at a couple local BBQ competitions. A group of my friends got together and set out to conquer the competition scene. We had a blast, and I can’t wait to tell you a bunch of those stories (especially the one about the one-legged chicken)! Our competition run didn’t last very long though, as we had way more fun hanging out and telling stories and often forgot that we were there to compete.  However, we still added a couple of trophies to the case. We always seemed to crush the people’s choice categories which is where our backyard-style BBQ cooking came into play. The world of BBQ, the smiles, the rolling smoke, the crazy hours, trying new recipes, working to perfect the craft…I was hooked! 

Now the hard part of convincing my wife that this was something I not only wanted to do but needed to do. It was soul-filling for me. I knew deep down that it was time to hang my own shingle and give it a go…


Matthew Lasita

If it wasn’t for you giving the classes, I’d probably never got into the whole grill thing. But, your guidance and recipes have me addicted. Always enjoy trying things you recommend. Keep it up.

Russ Greer


The story of Lane’s BBQ is one of my favorite stories to tell people. Amazed by all that you and your team have accomplished. God is exceedingly and abundantly faithful. Also, really glad we don’t have to meet up at the gas station any more.

Tom Hearn

Ryan, keep up the good work Brutha!
I purchased a pellet smoker 4 years ago. Prior to that, all of my BBQ’ing and smoking had been on some form of wood/coal mechanism. Not being a “hard core pit master” and challenged by constantly maintaining the right mix of smoke and heat, I really never made anything outstanding, it was all “just OK”.
I have to tell you, the pellet pit has changed my whole outlook. It has changed thousands of guys like me! But what has been most impactful is finding you and your “meat science”. I am now confidently smoking meats and preparing wonderful sides with your help. My Pit Boss grill is working during the week as I prepare meals for my wife and me and is working through the weekend to prepare amazing stuff for family gatherings and special occasions.
I have followed your recipes and insights for brisket, pulled pork, ribs, chicken and so many others. You might reference them as “for beginners”, but the folks I have been serving always ask how long I have been doing this and want my recipes. When I tell them that I have only been producing wonderful meals like this for the past couple of years, they are shocked. I lay all the credit to your feet and send them directly to your site.
I can’t wait to begin trying your rubs, brines, seasonings and other products. I still have a few of my own stuff at this time but will be ordering soon.
You have certainly been Blessed with a special gift! And I am now Blessed as well!
All the best, Ryan!
Dripping Springs, Texas

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