Chili Lime

Chorizo Chilaquiles Verdes with Chili Lime Crema

Chilaquiles Verdes in Skillet

This Chorizo Chilaquiles Verdes with Chili Lime Crema recipe is a delicious and satisfying Mexican dish that can be enjoyed anytime. The star of the show is the flavorful chili lime crema that brings everything together. To make this dish, you'll need tortilla chips, eggs, chorizo (Mexican sausage), pepper jack cheese, crema Mexicana (Mexican cream), salsa verde, onion, jalapeno, Lane's Fiesta Seasoning, Lane's Chili Lime Seasoning, cilantro, and avocado. Start by browning the chorizo in a skillet and seasoning it with Lane's Fiesta Seasoning. In a separate skillet, cook the eggs to your liking and season them with Lane's Fiesta Seasoning as well. In a cast iron skillet, simmer salsa verde and then add the tortilla chips, tossing them with tongs to coat them in the sauce. Next, add the cooked chorizo, pepper jack cheese, diced onion, and diced jalapeno. Let the cheese melt (you can use the oven if needed) and then add the seasoned eggs, Chili Lime Crema (made by mixing Lane's Chili Lime Seasoning with Mexican Table Crema), and cilantro. For an extra touch, top it off with some sliced avocado. Enjoy this flavorful and satisfying Chorizo Chilaquiles Verdes with Chili Lime Crema dish as a hearty breakfast or delicious dinner.


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