Top view of Bamboo brush
Bottom brush view of Bamboo brush

Charcoal Companion Safe-Scrub Bamboo Grill Brush

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Every professional griller knows the secret to great grilling is a clean set of grill grates. Grillers get the best results with our updated line of safe-scrub sustainable brushes. Harness the power of natural, durable Bamboo and palmyra stalk to get your grill sparkling clean! This grill brush is made out of sturdy and Bamboo, and features all-natural palmyra stalk scrubbing bristles – which are safe even on porcelain grates! A longer-length handle and comfortable wrapped-cord grip give you a firm hold and extra leverage while scrubbing. It also features a stainless steel scraper to remove even tough, baked-on bits. Scrubber head is replaceable to get even more life out of your brush. Use: after turning off burners or allowing coals To go out, Use to scrub and scrape your grill grates. Hold the handle in two places for extra scrubbing power. Use the brush to thoroughly clean your grill between uses. Bristles heat-safe up to 400ºf. For gas grills, turn off burners and wait 1 minute before use; for infrared turn off burners and wait 3 minutes before use; for charcoal wait until coals are completely out before use. Care: hand wash only with mild dishwashing soap. Rinse and dry immediately. Do not use metallic scrubbers. Not dishwasher safe. Store inside when not in use.