grill scrub and scraper
Grill scrub and scraper showing bristles
close view of scrubber bristles
Close view of Scraper side

Charcoal Companion Safe-Scrape and Scrub

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Get a custom cleaning with the Safe Scrape & Scrub with a Strong Grip Handle! The wooden side of the grill brush contours to your grill with every cleaning, ensuring an effective custom clean. The high heat nylon bristles are safe up to temperatures of 400° to brush off left over grease and grime. Keeping a clean grill is essential to good grilling. Dirty grill grates can contaminate food with unwanted flavors and bits of debris. Scrub the gunk away with the Safe Scrape & Scrub. Diamond-based coating helps clean without damaging surfaces. Keep clear of active heat sources (burning gas grills or hot coals) to ensure a long life for your brush.