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Cutting Edge Firewood

Hands down the best firewood for smokers, fireplaces, and fire-pits. 

Visit Cutting Edge Firewood
Visit Cutting Edge Firewood

Cutting Edge Firewood Services

Kiln Dried Firewood Box Shipping Service

You’ll receive kiln dried wood, kindling, fire starters, and a box of cigar matches.

Boxes make great gifts and are perfect for taking on trips or for customers who have limited storage options.

Kiln Dried Firewood Rack Shipping Service

Each rack contains enough firewood for 16-20 fires and will display nicely around your home.

Firewood in the racks has been kiln dried and hand selected to give you the optimal fire experience. This also means our wood is delivered completely free of pests, mold, and fungus.

Visit Cutting Edge Firewood

Premier Firewood Cooking Chunks

They also offer premier cooking chunks of firewood in both standard and large boxes. These chunks provide the best flavor to your BBQ and are a perfect match for any BBQ enthusiast.

They offer cooking chunks of Oak, Cherry, Pecan, and Hickory. Every cooking chunk box includes complimentary shipping across the United States.