BBQ Gift Guide

Great gifts for the BBQ Lover

We all know the BBQ fanatics out there get what they need when they need it. It makes purchasing anything for them a pain. We got your back, we have curated some of the best gift sets and unique bbq items to be sure to surprise your BBQ friends and family.

Best Meat Inspired Gift Sets

If the person you are getting a gift for is not familiar with Lane's or maybe you don't know what their favorite seasonings are, but you know their favorite type of foods. Then this will be a killer gift to give. We have the best 4 rub gift sets based on Chicken, Beef, Pork, Seafood, tacos, and Veggies. Most of these gift set boxes are even uniquely designed for that added gift effect.

Gifts for the Lanes Fan

If the person you are getting a gift for is already a Lane's BBQ fan and you know exactly the seasonings and sauces they want, then this is the perfect gift. Our Mix and Match gift sets lets you pick your own flavors and we will package them up in a branded gift box.

The Cast Iron Only Cooker

We all know the cast iron nuts out there that straight wear out their cast iron products. We know because we are them! So we have some of the best cast iron accessories you can find. From chain mail scrubbers to different types of seasoners, you will make sure to keep your cast iron looking good for years to come.

The Foodie

Who doesn't love new brands of food Here are some of the perfect gifts for the person who has tried everything. Beer breads, Unique pickled goods, and pepper jellies that are sure to win in a gift set.

Something Unique

Looking for some straight up high quality most unique products that will make your giftee say WHAAAAA?? This will be the best items that you are sure to get them hooked on.

The Experimenter

Ahhh the experimenter, we hold you close to our heart because thats who we are. We all know you need the highest quality ingredients to make a killer rub. We sell a bunch of the exact ingredients we use in bulk for those who want to create their own seasonings, or add a little more salt or pepper to their favorite Lane's Seasoning.