House Divided 4.0 Rub (Reload Magnum + Lane's Cubano)

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Gluten Free

Lane's Limited Edition House Divided 4.0 is all things steak, chicken, and veggies. A big bold flavor collision between Lane's Cubano and Reload Rubs' Magnum Rub. Cubano brings a pop of zest and sweetness which really compliments the super savory punch from the Magnum. The mix of flavor and textures is incredible and makes sure to hit all your senses.

Lane's Cubano Rub - the perfect blend of spices to create an authentic and delicious Cuban-inspired flavor. Made with premium quality spices like cumin, oregano, and garlic, this rub delivers a bold and distinctive taste that will transport your taste buds to Havana.

Reload's Magnum Rub - a premium blend of cracked black pepper, coarse salt, garlic, onion, and their very own blend of spices that adds a hearty, bold flavor to any cut of meat or seafood. Rub it on steaks, chops, roasts, wild game, ribs, and even seafood filets to give a magnum amount of flavor to your favorite cuts!

12.5 oz Bottle