Lump Crab Sauce for Steaks
Steak prepared correctly is mouthing watering and delicious! Here at Lane's, we would say it's hard to improve on a good cut of beef. Well, we did it! This Lump Crab Sauce takes an already great steak and puts it over the top. This makes the mouth water and your jaws start to tingle! 
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Easy Chimichurri Sauce
This chimichurri sauce will change the way you eat steak. It brings a freshness and an herbal taste that makes your steak pop. Break out of the same old habits of drowning your steak with a heavy sauce that covers up the taste of your steak. 
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Cubano Dressing Recipe
If you're a lover of Ranch Dressing, then you are going to love this Cubano dressing! Hidden Valley better keep hiding. They don't want this smoke! Just like ranch, this goes great on anything. Trust us, once you try it you won't go back to your old fashion ranch dressing. Join the Cubano trend, it's worth it!! 
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