Smoked Buffalo Chicken Dip
With gaining popularity Buffalo Chicken dip is like nectar from heaven for us fat kids. You can use tortilla chips, celery (if you wanna try to avoid the guilt), or a shovel to eat this. It is #sogood! Good for game nights, parties, the big game...whatever the occasion may be, the only thing you'll remember is this dip ran out way too quick!! 
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Blackened Chicken on bowtie pasta
Some of the best recipe creations have come from that moment when are staring in the pantry wondering what to cook. Or at least that’s where I find inspiration sometimes. I guess most people might turn around and head to a fast-food restaurant, but how fun is that? I assure you your family will not have the same smile on their face putting chicken tenders and fries on the table as they would if you put a home-cooked meal on the table. Part of the fun is slowing down in this hyper-speed society and cooking a meal that your family will love. So, this is a moment of time captured in a recipe where we decided to stay home and cook instead of letting culture dictate our schedule or choice.
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Chicken parmesan with melted cheese
Chicken Parmesan is a favorite around the house. Now, you could go out to a restaurant and enjoy a meal, but what if you could make something just as good or better right at home? Too many times people think they have to go out to have their favorite meal. It's not true. With a little time and attention to detail, you can fix whatever your favorite meal is and enjoy the comforts of home.  
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