Prime Rib with Horseradish Sauce
Prime Rib seems to be a holiday favorite, but we think you could eat this any time of year! This takes meat and veggies to a whole new level. These Brussels are worth just having by themselves, but paired with Prime Rib...this is a culinary flex if we've ever seen one.
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Pork Chop on the Grill
Ryan is always experimenting with recipes and flavors that sometimes make your head spin. Well, this flavor and combo make your head spin in all the right ways. With a brine, time, and apple pie seasoning these chops turned out foolishly good. So juicy and melt in your mouth.
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Lane's Ancho Espresso Pork Chops
The crust on this Ancho Porkchop is out of this world. You’ll never make pork chops another way again.  Ingredients French Cut Pork Chops  Ancho Espresso Rub  Method Let your porkchop sit out for about 10 minutes and rub with...
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