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Spellbound Hot Rub
Spellbound Hot Rub
Spellbound Hot Rub
Spellbound Hot Rub
Spellbound Hot Rub

Spellbound Hot Rub

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Our number 1 selling rub Spellbound just caught fire! Spellbound hot takes all the great qualities of spellbound with a fiery touch. This magically sweet fireball flavor will keep your grilling game going all summer long and throughout the rest of the year.

What started as an experiment, Spellbound quickly enchanted the pitmasters at Lane’s BBQ. Now add some heat and you got a smokey, sweet, spicy magical meal.

Our favorite ways to use our Spellbound Hot Rub:  Chicken Wings, Baby Back Ribs & Pork Butts

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Bottle Weights

  • Small - 4.6oz
  • Pitmaster - 11.7oz
  • 2lb bags - 32oz (2lbs)

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Just ordered this seasoning. This is the best honey sriracha seasoning I have ever had in my life and I have been from here to the Middle East! - Honey Sriracha Rub

Chris A

We love all Lane's rubs, but it was especially nice to try a new one! We made grilled chicken fajitas just last night and everyone loved them! Another success!! - Fiesta Rub

Lynn S

This sauce goes fantastic with almost anything!! I put it on burgers. Almost a mayo and garlic with a hint of horseradish. VERY tough to beat! - Sorta White Sauce

Tyler F

You haven't lived until you marinate a pork tenderloin in this sauce and cook it low and slow on the grill with some apple wood chunks for some smoke. - Pineapple Chipotle

Greg S

Best Sauce Ever! Cannot say enough about this sauce. It has a sweet initial BBQ taste. Then you have just enough heat after to give it that kick. I put it on just about everything. Great on chicken and French fries! - Kinda Sweet

Carole B

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